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For those who have a role that allows for editing or managing content in the mylasalle portal.

Video Instructions

Service/Channel Icons

Icons with the red X are the generic ones for the types of services (i.e. if it goes to a form, a website, is a video, etc). We use the “Channel” icon, currently, for all Channels. 

If a Service link goes to one of the other products, then using those icons has been employed, or could be employed. For example, forms that go to SoftDocs instead of a PDF or other form uses the eForms icon (which is the SoftDocs icon). Another common usage may be the Bro. LUWIS deep links or Banner 9 deep links where we have  used their logos instead of one of the generic ones.

One of the most common is the fold/document icon. That is used for pretty much everything that’s in the Document Library which isn’t a form or a website link.

We can add unique icons for every individual Service link. If you have a recommendation, please submit your idea via the portal Feedback tool or submit a IT Help Desk ticket.


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